Wednesday, April 28, 2010

at peace.

Ever felt like as if you are lying on a cloud,and the cloud simply moves.slowly?
Ever felt the rain is pouring just on YOU,even though it isn't raining at all?
Ever felt you could jump off a cliff,without being hurt at all?
Ever felt,that the silence could be so beautiful?
Ever felt you could keep humming tunes all day?
Ever felt you could just do NOTHING,not even write,just stare blank and feel at peace?

I feel all of
No,I ain't in love.My final year exams are over.
I feel like a graduate today.:)

Monday, April 5, 2010


“Shoaib was duped and shown pictures of another girl as Ayesha.
Shoaib had fallen madly in love with the girl whose pictures were sent to him.But that girl was not Ayesha. Shoaib was trapped."

This guy fell for a photograph,and decided to get married without even seeing the girl for once.
and the actual girl was somebody else.
dude,if you fall in love with a photograph,inevitably the girl has to be somebody else...!
And the girl...ayesha,got married to somebody she didn't even know.I mean 'nikah over the phone'...and that too without knowing how the person is...BIZARRE!!

I don't know who should be sympathized.
shoaib.ayesha or sania.