Monday, May 12, 2014

The man with a ring

Last night, he looked into my eyes, and whispered, "I can give my life for you." I, of course, laughed and said, "You are a fool!" We were both drunk.

This wasn't the first time we were intoxicated and in close proximity. But, this was the first time he said exactly what I had wanted to hear, once. It only came too late. Six months late.

I can't deny I had pined for him, once. I can't deny that I would replay that song that had his name, over and over again, so much so I almost broke the replay button. I can't deny that I would keep checking his tweets to find something that I can start a conversation with. And then I would send a text, nervously, "Hey, did you hear what Amit Shah just said?"

We bonded over politics and beer. But it came with his disclaimer, "I don't feel emotions."

But of course he didn't feel emotions. And for a while, I told myself 'emotions are for fools.' I didn't feel anything either. Or so I thought.

Till of course, the news of his 'ring' came. His ceremonious 'ring.'

"So, what does she look like? Is she pretty? Will you bring her to Mumbai?," I asked.

He would, most often, nod his head at these questions. And, smile. I never tried to understand what that smile really meant.

The only thing I knew was this was a battle we chose not to fight. We knew we would lose. Or, would we? It did not matter anymore. It was too late.