Monday, July 5, 2010

finally.... ACJ.

No more form more last more demand more mugging up names from newspaper in sleepy more running more traveling for interviews.
finally it is Asian College of Journalism.
the day I got on the coromandel express to go to chennai for my interview,I was not just sceptical,but almost was hating the trip in the non-ac coach because of unavailability of tickets.and more so more free messages for the next 5days!
no body understood my language.I was an alien if I did not know tamil or telegu.the names of places were hardly pronounceable.the smell of idli-vada.extremely hot with maximum humidity.onions.getting highly excited at noticing KFC!
yes,I was in Tamil Nadu.:)
the interview happened.the unusual sort of current affairs,no grilling.but just a plain simple interview.From where do i find weed in kolkata to how much i hate mamata banerjee,I had to tell them all.
next two days went about trying not to get bored..and me and mom exploring tamil nadu.
finally,after all the hustle bustle we landed in kolkata.ah!home feels wonderful.
two days later,after I got to know I got thru' ACJ,it was decided.I am going.though many advised not to..'journalism?huh!u'll never get a job'...'complete your masters,economics has a lot of prospects'...and etc...though I was sure of my decision to pursue journalism all these years,but a strange fear seemed to envelope me.I hate the feeling of going away.I hate leaving my cushiony bed here;the window thru which i could see the moon;my book shelf;lyeing down on my terrace mending my heatbreaks;puchkawalla;chicken rolls and those evening strolls;durga pujo;friends and all those sudden plans;group studies;my mom's lap;fights with my sister,blaming each other for every thing;messed up room;shopping malls and kebabs with dad;nandan and movies;newmarket and shopping sprees.Can I simply leave them all and get into a new life?
I'll be leaving on 9th.three more days.yes,I listened to my heart.:)
no more sceptical.excited,happy and confident,determined.yet,the fear of building a new life.leaving away the most precious things still scares me.keeping my fingers crossed.
off to a new city.away from home..

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  1. One, congrats!
    Two, best wishes. A nice start to a new life among new people is really crucial?
    Three, where do you get weed in calcutta??