Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let it end

Everytime something nears its end, we try to pause it, hold it, hide everything to not let it end. (Remember: Your favourite TV series?)

But, how many times can we possibly do that? When something has to end, it just has to. And maybe, it will make way for something new, something differenet (can't vouch for the better though).

It's time. It's my time to let this go. Every time I thought, oh this can't end...this is the best thing of my life..this is my life, I have been disappointed again and again. Every time I realised it's the end, I stopped looking. But, evreything, this too had to end.

I am not waiting for something new. As they say, save the best till the end..this was it. I did save it. Just couldn't keep it for too long.

Nothing lasts forever. And I know it now.

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