Saturday, February 20, 2010

bored of me...

I’m bored of me. I’m bored of the same face that stares back at me from my bathroom mirror. I’m bored of my clothes, of the jewelry I wear. I want a make over. Where everything about me will be differentDifferent clothes. Thinner. No fab India. No silver earrings. No vodka n lime cordial. No cheap motorola cellphone. No buses. No metros. No same old curly hair that has looked the same since I was sixteen. No gurjari jhola. No chappals. no reporting stuff that I’m bad at. No wondering about why the bloody hell that guy didn’t call me. No keeping quiet when some one’s mean to me. No more sappy romance novels. No inarticulate speaking. No more whining. No more wallowing.
No more of me.
I want to go out shopping for a brand new me.....

this was written way back....he went through my entire blog and loved ONLY this...
that's what makes it so special.It had to be re-posted here.:)
p.s.-i think i have found a new me.somewhat new.


  1. if you have found it then its great :-).
    All the best!

  2. How did you find yourself? I mean, would you be able to share the journey which led you to your new-self?

  3. @madhu-pretty long journey.that would take another post for sure.:)
    sometimes your own soul acts like a mirage,you feel you have changed.maybe,gathered some maturity.but,soon you found out you haven' are just the keep trying to hide your inner self which keeps bouncing back and giving you nightmares.
    Yes,I have changed but in more ways than one I haven't.its the mirage.
    I'll sure post something on my new self soon.:)

  4. well congratulations for finding yourself...and yes, do post your new self soon...guess i, too, need a makeover!