Tuesday, March 9, 2010

women's day

International Women’s Day is essentially a day of symbolism. Many use it as a day of activism, solidarity, or reflection, but the world cannot be changed in a day. So symbolism is still at its core. In its own way, that can certainly be a valuable and worthwhile thing.

But it is useless for even that much if it does not recognize and center all women, including and especially those who are most vulnerable and commonly forgotten. International Women’s Day is useless if it does not recognize and respect both the womanhood and humanity who are Trans, and dedicate to fighting for their rights and basic safety. International Women’s Day is useless if it does not include women with disabilities, and work for their essential rights. International Women’s Day is useless if it does not center poor women all over the globe, including those in developing countries, who are struggling against hunger and violenc . International Women’s Day is useless if it overlooks the rights and safety of those suffering the greatest violence, including (in addition to those listed above) sex workers, trafficking victims, and slaves. International Women’s Day is utterly pointless if it does not include and explicitly welcome women of all races and ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages, immigration statuses, religions, and nationalities; remember that women have multiple aspects to their identities.

In other words, International Women’s Day is useless if it does not include all of the women who are reading this blog right now. And International Women’s Day has failed worst of all if it only includes women who are able to read this blog right now. Because a day that is not about equal rights for all is a day that is necessarily not actually about women, but a day about only some women.

And that is something that all of us can stand to remember in our daily activism, as well.

Nothing might change in a day…but let’s just dedicate this day to all the women out there.Yes,we are special.

I do need a man,who will tell me I am the most beautiful…who will bring flowers to make me smile,and I will acknowledge his existence because we both complement each other.But,he wnt break me,coz I am fragile.He knows that.strong yet fragile.We are to be be be be honoured.

I particularly thank god for being a woman. I am proud of my womanhood.


  1. Happy Women's day!!

    I am glad you wrote about it... too often we dont get appreciated enough :-)